What is Contribua?

Contribua is a citizen science platform. It unites scientists and volunteers in the execution of scientific research. Scientiss can create projects composed of tasks that require human cognition, such as: detection of content in images, videos and audios. Volunteers can contribute to the research by performing tasks on the projects. In this process, scientists have the tasks performed and volunteers learn a little about research while contributing to the progress of science. So, everyone wins!

I want to help science, where do I start?

You can contribute by performing tasks in one or more projects. To see available projects, just go to the Projects tab in the top menu or click in this link. Each project presents all the information that you need to contribute. In many projects you can contribute as anonymous, but for your contributions to be counted towards you it is necessary that you make a registration and always perform tasks logged in.

I am a scientist and I have many tasks to perform, how Contribua can help me?

Contribua can help you in two ways: creating a project and attracting volunteers. The platform has a number of tools that help you to create projects to receive input from multitudes of volunteers, such as: getting redundant answers to handle errors and tracking how tasks are assigned to volunteers. In addition, there are several volunteers who contribute regularly to Contribua, these volunteers can potentially contribute to your project. To create a project, simply go to the Create tab in the top menu or click in this link.

How can I be informed about the news in Contribua?

The official communication channel is Twitter @contribua . On this Twitter we share the news about Contribua projects and statistics.

How can I get in touch?

Contribua is maintained by the Distributed Systems Laboratory (LSD) at the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG). Av. Aprígio Veloso, 882 - CO Block, Bodocongó, CEP 58429-900, Campina Grande - Paraíba, Brazil, Phone: +55 83 2101 1365, Fax: +55 83 2101 1498. Email contribua@lsd.ufcg.edu.br